We can be your competent production partner.
Pedersen's Laboratorium has been contract manufacturing and providing bespoke contract packing services for more than 40 years for both domestic and international clients in the food, nutraceutical, chemical and health & beauty industries.

Contract Manufacturing

Experience & Expertise

We have developed more than 300 special recipies for skin care, sports care, sports nutrition, medical devices, food supplements, desinfectants, analytics and more for our clients.

Manufacturing & Packing Services

We have a long record of product quality, manufacturing, packaging and logistics. We can even handle smaller manufacturing needs and pilot orders.

We Manufacture


We pack in

sachets or blister packs
outer cartons

Our manufacturing and packing services range from complete bespoke manufacturing and packaging solutions through to conversion of customer supplied materials into finished products. Our aim is to get your products made to the correct quality, for the right price and in the right time.

We can help you all the way

Product development and production of premium products is our passion. Seeking new ways and making products better has been our aim since our company was founded in 1979.

We are not just there for you as a technical contract manufacturer. Together with you we can create your own nutritional supplements, dietary foods, protein shakes, powders, tablets, liquid products, creams, gels, washes and many more.

Our experienced staff will make your product, your formula and ship it for you, when you want it and where you want it - on time!

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nutritional supplements, dietary foods, protein shakes, powders, tablets, liquid products, creams, gels, washes

Quality Assurance

Our QA ensures a high safety standard of your products. We perform microbiological & chemical testing in house.
We are approved as EU Food Establishment

The Products We Manufacture

Private label skin care

Private Label Skin Care

Creams, lotions, gels, washes taylored for your concept. We can bring your vision to life.

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Private label supplements

Private Label Supplements

Tablets to swallow or chewable in different sizes and shapes. We are able to manage small to large productions.

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powder blends

Powders & Granulates

We can help you with precise blends and granulations whether it be technical or food grades.

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